Chef Speciality Dishes

Goan Chicken – £7·95
Freshly sliced chicken with fresh ginger, lemon, yoghurt, green chilli and herbs

Chicken or Lamb Jubally – £7·95
Chicken or lamb tikka, fresh ginger, garlic, green chilli, coriander- a dry dish

Chicken or Lamb Pubally – £7·95
Fresh chicken or lamb, fresh mushrooms, meths, butter, coriander, peppers and fresh cream

Nawabi Murgh – £7·95
Medium hot- Authentic dish, cooked with chicken, minced meat, fresh garden peas and yoghurt

Garlic Chilli Chicken Tikka – £7·95
Fairly hat- cooked with fresh garlic and green chillies

Chicken Tikka Sally – £7·95
Thick sauce with medium spices and herbs, served with crisp potatoes on top

Chicken or Lamb Archari – £7·95
Fairly hot- cooked with green chilli pickle, ginger, garlic and coriander

Chicken Hariali – £7·95
Lean chicken breast, marinated and cooked again with fresh crushed garlic,
ginger, green chillies, coriander, pinch of sugar, cream and spinach

Chicken or Lamb Jaipur – £7·95
Tender pieces of grilled chicken or lamb, cooked with fried mushrooms, onions and peppers in a rich sauce

Bengal Surprise – £7·95
Tender chicken or lamb tikka in a cream sauce with sliced mushrooms and coriander,
with added flavour of lemon and ginger

Bengal Special – £7·95
King prawns, chicken, lamb and potatoes with green peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and green chillies

Chicken or Lamb Kandahar – £7·95
Fairly hot- freshly sliced chicken or lamb with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and tamarind sauce

Chicken or Lamb Moricha – £7·95
Very hot dish consists of peppers, green chilli, Indian hot pickle, garlic and herbs in a thick sauce

King Prawn Roshaney – £10.95
Medium cooked with fresh garlic and green herbs

Delhi Korai – £7·95
Fairly hot dish with garlic, green chillies, peppers and tomatoes

Chicken or Lamb Shatkora – £7·95
Medium spiced dish which is cooked with wild lemon in a thick sauce to bring out its unique flavour

Chicken or Lamb Naga – £7·95
This is a modem fusion recipe based on an Indian classic, a very hot dish

Chicken or Lamb Rasulpur – £6.95
Cooked with spring onions and capsicums with fresh coriander, green chillies in a hot tomato and garlic sauce

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Katmandu – £6.95
Cooked in cinnamon, spring onions and lentil sauce with a touch of fresh ginger

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Exotica – £6.95
Cooked with mango pulp, garlic, fresh coriander, ground almonds and coconut, finished with fresh cream
ains traces of nuts)

Chicken or Lamb Salon – £6.95
Marinated chicken or lamb, simmered with coconut, gently spiced and cooked with butter and cream

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